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Box Factory

Jackson, California

Nestled in a wildfire-prone area of California, Box Factory, a 1,750-square-foot prefabricated steel structure, defies the elements while championing sustainability. In 2022, when local fires resulted in 1,000 acres being affected and hundreds of people having to evacuate or live with power outages, the building survived without losing power or access to clean water and maintaining a healthy indoor environment. The project was designed in harmony with the natural ecosystem with its minimalist architecture celebrating the light, land, and expansive views. Receiving Living Building Challenge dual certification, the building relies solely on renewable energy sources, with an onsite solar array and battery storage ensuring complete energy independence. It is also designed for water self-sufficiency, with a gravity-fed well. Additionally, the compact structure boasts high insulation, dual-pane low-E glass, and efficient fixtures, promoting a cost-effective, resource-efficient lifestyle. Box Factory was designed as a functioning prototype of a scalable energy independent, least carbon intensive, minimalist concept for residential living. But its flexible floorplan is primed for evolving functional needs, with the potential for future transformation into commercial or communal use contingent on jurisdictional approvals.

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