Metropolis Planet Positive Awards Model No. Furniture

Model No. Furniture

The Esker Chair is made entirely from plant-based resins. Each chair is made to order in one continuous 3D-printing motion. While highly durable, Esker biodegrades into a nontoxic organic material at a much faster rate than petroleum-based products. While complete furniture-specific testing is not yet available, studies of other molded products using a similar bio-resin have biodegraded in as few as three years in soil and seawater. Alternatively, Esker can be recycled without loss of mechanical integrity at end of life, so Model No. has a take-back program to reduce waste and reuse its materials. In fact, because Model No. sources and produces on order and holds no inventory for the Esker Chair or any of its other furniture, it reduces production-related waste by 90 percent compared with conventional furniture production. The company operates fully on wind and solar energy and plans to exclusively employ electric vehicles in the near future. 

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