Metropolis Planet Positive Awards Perkins&Will/McLennan Design

Perkins&Will/McLennan Design

HMTX World Headquarters

Norwalk, Connecticut

The HMTX World Headquarters is setting a new standard for green buildings in Connecticut. Designed around the Living Building Challenge (LBC), the project is on track to achieve six out of seven of the certification’s petals—and once certified, it will be the first Living Building in the state. 

The flooring manufacturer’s headquarters design respects the natural landscape, nestled in the treetops on slender columns to minimize ecological impact and disturbance to wildlife corridors. The raised design also provides occupants with sweeping views, which can be enjoyed from the mixed-use project’s various spaces, including generous dining commons and meeting areas, a product innovation and fabrication facility, artist-in-residence housing units, and a gallery for the company’s private art collection. 

The building is powered completely by renewable energy on-site, with 105 percent of its needs met by PV panels. The design team prioritized low-carbon materials, local sourcing, and even repurposing of trees removed from the site. Water is also an integral element in the design, recharging the water table through stormwater rain gardens and a rainwater cistern. 

A commitment to occupant health is evident, with a focus on air quality through Red List chemical–free construction. Efficient mechanical systems also provide thermal comfort and fresh air, while daylighting and the connection to nature create a serene biophilic environment. The headquarters champion inclusivity, meeting ADA standards and pioneering shared-gender restrooms in the region. 

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