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Find the “Why”

Find common ground with different stakeholders by aligning early on why we must try to lower the carbon footprint of interiors projects:

Share the Results of LCAs

Use LCA calculators (Resource: Tally or CLF’s TI LCA calculator) to assess past projects. Share this information with stakeholders so they can understand why certain priorities need to be set for the project.

Set Goals with Clients

Over the course of a few meetings or charettes, establish project goals with clients, design team, contractor, specifiers, major manufacturers, and dealers. Agree on specific metrics (GWP, Recyclability, Certifications, Declarations) that products must meet.

Keep Everyone Up-to-date

Hold regular charettes with stakeholders throughout the project, so that everyone has the latest information on the progress of the project and the decisions being made.

Hold Innovation Olympics

Be clear with vendors, consultants, and contractors on the problems you are trying to solve and ask them to come to meetings prepared with solutions.

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