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Grab the Lead

Clients have an opportunity to lead the change on the biggest global challenge of our times. With low-carbon interiors, companies can convey a sustainability message that unites environmental responsibility, employee wellbeing, and talent retention.

Unleash the Power of the Brand:

The interiors of offices, retail, and other facilities in a company’s portfolio are a powerful expression of the brand. By addressing the carbon footprint of interiors, companies can make an impact with a highly visible part of their brand and operations.

Connect with the Next Generation:

A smaller carbon footprint is a powerful way to connect with the next generation of talent and customers. 8 out of 10 consumers are purchasing in alignment with sustainability practices today, and companies with tangible sustainability metrics have an advantage. (Source) Many millennial and gen Z Americans support climate action, across traditional political divisions (Source).

Quantify the Positive Impact:

Lowering a company’s carbon footprint offers it a transparent, tangible, and measurable way to demonstrate its environmental and social impact. It can help a company make a direct connection with the values of consumers and clients, and put it at the leading edge of sustainability and climate action today.

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