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Share and Learn

As you assess and evaluate projects, share that information with peers and stakeholders to promote a culture of transparency and learning:

Design a Format to Tell Your Story:

Find a simple format to capture project assessments that give teams and stakeholders vital information at a glance. (Resource: MSR Design G Sheets). You can adopt an existing framework to design this format. (Resource: AIA Framework for Design Excellence)

Develop and Share Case Studies:

Document completed projects in a case study format. Focus not just on what was accomplished, but how the team got it done. Include descriptions of product selection, project assessment, and end-of-life strategies. Share this on your website, through press outlets, or at industry events.

Find Platforms for Discussion:

Support the creation or strengthening of platforms for designer-to-designer discourse, especially around decarbonization strategies. Participate actively in these platforms and share project case studies. (Suggestion: Join or start a CLF Regional Hub)

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