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Metropolis was at CES in Las Vegas to get the latest on how new technologies are shaping tomorrow’s cities.

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Ford aims to supply the autonomous vehicles (AVs) as well as the digital operating system for the future’s multi-modal transit networks At CES, Metropolis sat down with Jessica Robinson, Ford’s director of city solutions, to understand what she’s doing to pave the way for the company’s AVs and smart city products. Click here to learn more.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas has long been a mecca for techies. Every year, crowds descend on practically every convention space in Sin City to see the latest and greatest products, from helicopters to smartphones. But global conglomerates and small start-ups alike are eager to attach the “smart” label to something new: cities and buildings. Autonomous vehicles (AVs) have been leading the charge vis-a-vis smart cities, with companies like Ford fully embracing how AVs can reshape how we live, work, and play.

While public sector employees were present at CES smart city panel discussions, with one even delivering a dire warning on smart city cybersecurity, architects were largely absent. The true advent of many of these technologies is still many years away, though the challenges and benefits are already clear for all to see. Read our coverage, linked in the slideshow below, to see what the experts are saying.

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