Brad Ascalon Unveils New Outdoor Furniture Line

For their new furniture line for Loll Designs, designer Brad Ascalon and interior designer Ghislaine Viñas bring a sense of indoor comfort to outdoor spaces.

The award-winning Sunnyside collection is available in a range of color and finish options and is made—as all Loll Designs’ products are—out of recycled plastic.

Images courtesy Brad Ascalon

Product designer Brad Ascalon and interior designer Ghislaine Viñas had long been considering a collaboration. When the opportunity to develop a collection for Loll Designs—a company Ascalon admired for its commitment to sustainability and U.S.–based manufacturing—presented itself, the two designers jumped at the chance. The success of the partnership was proved at ICFF in New York, when the resulting collection of modular seating, Sunnyside, won the coveted Editors’ Award for Best Outdoor Design.

“One challenge early on was merging my own design approach, which leans toward the straightforward, functional, and systematic, with Ghislaine’s approach, which I tend to describe as bold and highly sophisticated whimsy,” says Ascalon. “Loll was the perfect testing ground for this collaboration because there are many aspects of both of our work in Loll’s own point of view.” Ascalon and Viñas’s wish to bring a sense of indoor comfort to outside spaces pushed Loll out of its comfort zone, leading the company to incorporate upholstery into its product assortment for the first time.

Ascalon’s studio took on the task of modeling and rendering the products while Viñas worked on a cohesive plan for the color palettes. “You can achieve so many looks with just a core group of shell colors and then changing out the fabrics,” says Viñas. The versatility of the collection doesn’t end there, as the modular design allows for numerous configurations of tables and seating, built around a couple of central connections. This makes the collection suitable for a wide variety of settings, from small residential patios to vast hospitality spaces. To emphasize this adaptability the designers decided to omit unnecessary decoration and focus solely on the essentials. “Everything is there for a reason,” Ascalon says. “Everything is a solution to a problem that needed solving.”

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