7 Pieces of Convertible Furniture Perfect for Micro Apartments

With the growth of micro apartments furniture that can transform is becoming de rigueur

With the growth of micro apartments in the US and abroad, furniture that can transform is becoming de rigueur. Besides, shouldn’t an investment in a quality piece pay off in more ways than one? One example of this trend is Phillippine LeMaire’s shape-shifting table. It’s a beautiful interpretation of furniture that can adapt to its surroundings and is ideal for small spaces.


Another is Knife & Saw’s Bike Shelf, a shelf that can also hold a bike and is perfect for entryways in cities ‘round the world. It’s shown here with books on top, but could also easily hold a basket with all your biking essentials, hats and gloves, or serve as an entryway catchall area, keeping other table- and counter-tops clear.


Ideal for those who like to throw dinner parties, or work on creative projects, but loathe taking up space with a large table that will go unused 90% of the time is the Bada table-to-desk-to-sofa hybrid. Made from reclaimed shipping pallets and post-consumer recycled wood, and finished with low-VOC natural oil, this piece cuts our carbon footprint and keeps indoor air significantly less toxic too.

Safo Sofa 1

Bibliophile (and storage nerd) alert! The Safo sofa lets you keep your favorite stuff out of the way, concealed in an Art Deco sofa that hides it all.


We may all be wired to the hilt, but paper files are still necessary for some. Ballard Design’s File Storage Ottoman does double duty, storing files and resting feet after a long day. Add a fun tray to the top, and it can transform again, to a small coffee table or side table.


Remember sharing regular-sized chairs with your best friend when you were a kid? The Schair chair is the grown-up version of that idea, and can seat one – or two – if need be, at a moment’s notice.


Also doing double duty, the Silla chair is designed to provide a full extra chair for guests, while maintaining a simple tidy profile when the apartment is empty.

Starre Vartan is an author, journalist, and artist whose work concentrates on sustainability in consumer products, including a focus on vernacular, nature-based and eco design. Recognized as a green living expert, she is the publisher of Eco-chick.com, a columnist at MNN.com, and contributes to Inhabitat and The Huffington Post. She is Metropolis’s copyeditor.

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