Fall Product Showcase Part 2: Furniture and Fixtures

Tailored to the needs of our new reality, these Fall offerings represent some of the best products in seating, tables, and fixtures available today.

This sponsored content appeared as a special section of our September 2020 issue

Toledo Aire Chair Foto Indoor 18
Peter Pepper Products
Toledo Aire is the evolution of the iconic aluminum chair. Designed by Jorge Pensi and produced in one polypropylene piece, Toledo Aire’s flowing shapes connect the seat, arms and backrest with great harmony. It is stackable, lightweight, and comes in a variety of colors, making Toledo Aire a timeless piece that can coexist in different architectural spaces.
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From tables and chairs that are as comfortable in the home as they are in the office, to touchless faucets and outdoor seating, these pieces of furniture and range of fixtures are perfect for our current moment because they hew to the timeless tenets of good design. Putting human comfort and wellbeing first, they offer comfort, wellness, and maybe even some fun at a time of unprecedented upheaval. As the way we experience our homes, workplaces, interiors, and exteriors changes, its more important than ever to look for products that speak to the values of sustainability and good design.

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