Hubbell Introduces New Hospital Lighting Products

The products Hubbell introduced this year are carefully considered from the perspective of every stakeholder in health care.

The Remedi bed light from Hubbell Healthcare Solutions has four optical compartments that provide the best ambient, reading, examination, and night lighting levels. Courtesy Hubbell

Hospital rooms have a simple problem that engineers and designers feel they fixed a long time ago: Patients need soothing lighting so they can get some rest, but doctors and nurses need a bright light for examination. The solution so far has been to have an uplight that needs to be turned to focus a brighter beam on the patient when necessary. However, in most cases, “no one even knows it’s there, and that means that patient is being examined on a daily basis without adequate illumination,” says John Hollander, director of brand development at Hubbell Lighting. Even worse, the special fixture gathers dust. “I’d like to say that this doesn’t happen, that hospitals are always very meticulous in their cleaning, but I have seen physical examples in major hospitals where there was dust.”

It became clear to everyone at Hubbell that finding mechanical solutions that relied on older lighting technologies no longer made sense—especially since easily adjustable and dimmable LEDs are now available. So a couple of years ago, the company began to research innovations specific to patient rooms, and launched a new division called Hubbell Healthcare Solutions.

The MediMode is a recessed ceiling light; it can provide an even, low-glare illumination as well as more intense illumination for examinations. Courtesy Hubbell

The products that it introduced this year are carefully considered from the perspective of every stakeholder in health care. For example, the Remedi light puts precise lighting control in the hands of both patients and caregivers. Its built-in SpectraSync color temperature turning technology leverages studies of biophilic light and its effect on patient recovery. Furthermore, contractors will find the Remedi light simple to install and facility managers will appreciate the fact that the optical components are in a removable tray, making them easy to repair.

It’s a comprehensive approach, and one that Hollander sees carrying through the new division’s future releases. “Hubbell has really invested a lot in the last year and a half to two years in control solutions. We are working to expand the capabilities of what you can do from a control standpoint, not only in the microenvironment of the patient but also in the room or on the whole floor of a facility,” he says. “You’re seeing a lot of conversion of real estate, bringing health care closer to the population and making it more accessible. There’s going to be a lot of opportunities to present better solutions.”

Hubbell Healthcare Solutions’ line includes the Remedi (seen here), MediMode, and two other products, the LTRX and the Evexia. Courtesy Hubbell

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