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9 Sound-Controlling Elements that Blend In Like Never Before

These innovative acoustic products for new-era work spaces prove sound control can be chic.

Acoustical elements are evolving again. In recent years, manufacturers had created a hybrid category of acoustic lighting fixtures with integrated sound-absorbing material—a clever way to make noise-reducing materials and devices blend in. Now, at a time when workstations pop up everywhere, so can solutions for controlling distracting sounds around them. Manufacturers recognizing the fact that work is getting done on-the-go are developing appropriate go-anywhere solutions. In fact, we’ve found noise-reducing capabilities built into items ranging from very minimal ceiling fixtures to decorative wallcoverings and planters. Review the latest offerings here.

Ps Buzziplanter 532
BuzziSpace’s BuzziPlanter


Combining biophilic benefits with acoustics, BuzziPlanter can add greenery, a space divider, (available in sizes of up to roughly 42” high by 18” wide) and sound control. A combination of foam and plywood can be upholstered in an array of the company’s fabric. BuzziSpace planter

Replace Spacestor Residence Max Spacestor 200421 064901
Spacestor’s Residence Max privacy booth

Residence Max

An FSC-certified, formaldehyde-free frame and PVC-free acoustic fabric, all built with 99% Red List-free materials, help to distinguish the design of Spacestor’s noise-dampening privacy booth. The finishes are also water-based. Spacestor


Soundsticks Room Divider Acoustics Andrea Ruggiero Offecct 3
Offect’s Soundsticks room divider


Designed by Andrea Ruggiero, Soundsticks is a modular, room dividing system, made from textile scraps molded into tube shapes. The acoustic elements are zippered into felted sleeves in a glue-free assembly. Suspensions of eight Soundsticks can offer the noise control of six of the Swedish company’s acoustic panels. Offecct

Hollyhuntw 6025 Octave Group
Holly Hunt’s Sound Absorption

Sound Absorption

What appears to be a conventional textile, is part of Holly Hunt’s Performance line of wallcoverings engineered with Texam Wall Masters to hold up in contract environments. An acoustical Trevira backing helps it absorb sound. Holly Hunt

Mdc Zintra 3.0 2
MDC Zintra


In an expansion of its subtle, easy-to-install Zintra Acoustics collection, 3.0 is an update that adds solutions in 11 categories of movable, noise-controlling solutions from sculpted wallcoverings and desk wraps to more conventional ceiling baffles. They’re engineered for retrofitting interiors. MDC Zintra


Patcraft Natural State
Patcraft’s Natural State composite flooring

Natural State

Among the latest styles that resilient flooring company Patcraft is debuting during NeoCon, this pattern called Natural State, has a high-density core construction. The polymer composite flooring features a dimensional stability, which offered in a variety of thicknesses, can add significant acoustical benefits. Patcraft


Maharam Ample Stack
Maharam’s Ample


Borrowing a technique from the automotive industry called Radio Frequency Bonding, the Maharam Design Studio created Ample’s knit texture bonded to a foam backing and then embossed with 1.5” linear channels. The result, fine-tuned in time for NeoCon, is the textile’s bleach cleanable finish with built-in acoustical properties, which can be added anywhere upholstery fits. Maharam

Kirei Echopanel Av Baffle 00
Kirei Echo Panel

AVIO Collection

To extend applications of its already versatile EchoPanel baffle systems, Kirei’s new AVIO Collection adds four new profiles that can be retrofit easily around existing exposed HVAC in any setting. A-, V-, I, and O-Baffle were designed to accommodate various angles and open ceiling scenarios. Kirei

Humanscale Separation Panels Wellguard Gray Felted
Wellguard Separation Panels from Humanscale

WellGuard Separation Panels

Humanscale is unveiling new customizable and infinitely movable partitions for adding hygienic protection and sound-blocking privacy, during this month’s NeoCon. Available in No. 1 PET clear or frosted resin and felted sound-absorbing PET, all options have half the lifecycle carbon footprint of conventional acrylic. Humanscale

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