Kickstart This Light to Help Non-Industrial Communities

Turning gravity in a source of light and helping those in need.

Here is a simple idea: Hoist up a 20 pound bag of soil or rocks and let gravity’s pull turn that bag into a source of energy—energy enough to produce illumination. Gravity Light is taking this idea and using it to solve a problem: the lack of electricity and its light in developing countries. In industrialized countries, we take illumination for granted. The opportunities that come with lighting up the night—reading, conversations, doing homework—could easily be encouraged with some smart design and can have profound implications for quality of life, especially in education.

Indeigogo is a campaign-funding site. Its mission is to help take a great idea like a gravity light, and help it generate cash for implementation. In fact, because they raise funding based on a mission, Indeigogo offers 25% discounts to nonprofits, further drawing sustainable and do-good campaigns to their website. So here is your opportunity to contribute to the Gravity Light’s Indeigogo campaign and maybe get a Gravity Light for yourself—and help a family in need.

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