The Path to Positive: LightArt Takes on the Living Product Challenge

Through recycling programs and red list–free products, LightArt is setting itself up for its next goal, making products that are beneficial to the environment.

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LightArt was a sponsor of the Metropolis Perspective: Sustainability 2019 event series. 


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LA2 Collection Declared

In an effort to provide lighting to Seattle’s new Living Building Challenge–certified Summit Foundation building in 2015, LightArt challenged itself to meet Declare standards on its entire LA2 Collection—fine-tuning the fixtures to be free of Red List ingredients without compromising on durability or design. Pushing towards sustainability-focused internal research and development, LightArt became the first manufacturer to obtain a Declare Label for lighting.

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Scrap Program

Innovative minds, busy hands, and a willingness to do more are at the heart of LightArt, and the lighting manufacturer and design company has pushed to optimize its processes into a more efficient and sustainable direction. LightArt is developing ways to harness scrap from ongoing projects to create new components, with internal research and development presenting solutions in 2020. This directive is one of many steps LightArt is taking to reduce waste and engineer potential avenues for re-use within its own production processes.

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Living Product Challenge

Driving the entire company towards greater efficiency, material ingredient health, clean manufacturing, and net positive goals, LightArt is committed to pursuing the Living Product Challenge. The LPC recognizes elite products that are regenerative of the climate and the Earth’s ecosystems. LPC goods must also be protective of human health, demonstrate social benefit, and encourage people to reconnect to the natural world. LightArt’s Full Circle social equity program, biophilic designs, and wide range of sustainability initiatives embolden the company to take on the challenge.

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