Human Centered: Planet-Friendly Lighting, Designed for People

Lutron focuses on sustainability strategies with a people-first approach, where energy savings are part of an overall plan.

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People are an institution’s most valuable asset, and good lighting design has been shown to have positive effects on individuals’ productivity and happiness. Lutron’s HXL (human centric lighting) approach reinforces this mission—one that supports sustainability at many levels. Here are some ways it contributes:

Tunable lighting technology

The LED revolution has enabled builders to both save energy and improve the quality of light in ways that previous lighting technologies could not. Lutron’s Ketra lighting delivers beautiful, customizable light in residential and commercial environments with high-quality white, pastels and saturated colors that enhance the look of any space, and allow users to precisely tailor the light to meet their needs. Lutron’s T-Series tunable white drivers provide smooth color changing and 1% dimming.

Shading solutions

Shades don’t just block out the sun. They can also reduce and stabilize temperature, cut glare, and even contribute to a building’s aesthetics. As part of an overall total light management strategy, they’re central to maximizing the benefits of sunlight and reducing the disadvantages. Lutron shades are made more efficient and sustainable thanks to THEIA-compliant fabrics, which adhere to a high standard to control variations in openness and transmittance, and Hyperion software, which ensures that the shades are open at the right level at the right time to optimize those benefits.

Wireless technology

Not only does wireless technology reduce material and installation costs, it’s flexible. Lutron’s Vive wireless solution is scalable—so going from an office to a floor to a building is simply a matter of adding and programming devices—and allows facility managers to easily monitor, adjust, and manage the system from any smart device. You can design lighting control to accommodate building churn, improve occupant comfort, and enhance energy efficiency, and with simple integration, connect with other building systems using BACnet protocol.

Energy savings by strategy

At its most basic level, lighting control promotes energy efficiency. Lutron offers a comprehensive selection of occupancy and vacancy sensors, panel hardware, total light management systems, all connected to software platform called Enterprise Vue. It delivers simple, consistent user experience, and integrates with BACnet (a protocol for building automation and control networks) and the Internet of Things to enhance smart building performance. With Enterprise Vue, facility managers are able to manage data and operations for multiple Lutron lighting and shade control solutions, which saves energy and enables flexibility across buildings and campuses.

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