OMA’s Versatile New XY180 Lighting Collection is Both Minimalist and Punk Rock

The firm’s three-piece lighting collection for Delta Light, its first foray into luminaires, will debut in the United States this March.

OMA XY180 Light
Courtesy OMA

Renowned architecture firm OMA’s first foray into lighting design is, well, architectural. But the XY180 collection, designed for Delta Light, manages to surprise with the high number of poetic compositions possible with its three simple elements—a tube light, a spotlight, and a hinge—especially when those elements are deployed in arrays. “Through the choreography of movement and multiplication, the luminaire can manipulate three-dimensional space,” says OMA partner Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli, who led the design process. The collection, which was unveiled during last year’s Milan Design Week, will be available in the United States this March. Later this year, it will be augmented with a “punk” spotlight (the name derives from its dramatically knurled exterior), adding some staccato notes to the lyrical design.

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