Rheaply Brings Ingenuity to Recycling Building Materials

The B2B climate tech company founded by Dr. Garry Cooper is one of Metropolis’s seven “Salvage Superstars.”

Rheaply is a B2B climate tech company that is bringing ingenuity to the salvage and building-material recycling game. 

Using money from the Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance Game Changer Fund, the company built an online exchange for building products and other resources in the Bay Area. The exchange allows businesses in the greater Bay Area to access surplus and reclaimed resources at cost-effective rates. 

“This network, or marketplace, focuses primarily on materials streams within the built environment and aims to increase the economic activity of the rescue and reuse of salvage and surplus items,” says Tom Fecarotta, chief marketing officer for the Chicago-based company. “Any Bay Area organization looking to sell, donate, or acquire building products and office supplies or furniture can sign up for free.” 

Image of a man wearing a blue shirt that says Rheaply, giving two thumbs up.
Dr. Garry Cooper. Courtesy RHEAPLY

Once users register for the company’s marketplace hosted by the San Francisco Environment Department, they can list or claim materials and communicate with each other via the messaging option. A “pro” version of the reuse marketplace tool adds permissions-based listings and advanced reporting. 

Mobile app displaying three individual screens of a marketplace, create a listing and an offer.

The San Francisco project primarily focuses on commercial construction and includes items such as reclaimed bricks, marble slabs, metals, office furniture, lamps, and blinds. Rheaply is currently expanding to seven additional cities with a goal of 50 sponsored cities by the end of 2024. 

Fecarotta concludes, “We need more introductions to large commercial suppliers and receivers, and municipality leaders, to continue the momentum we have and build the supply-and-demand partners necessary for a thriving circular economy.” 

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