Domestic Devices

These new products can transform a house into a home.

A well-selected product can transform a generic residential space into a comfortable personal environment. A unique object will act as the centerpiece of the room, such as Roberto Menghi’s classic lamps for Fontana Arte or Nani Marquina’s Bicicleta rug made from recycled bike tires. Other ways of improving our living conditions come from companies like Sony, Siemens, and Ad Notam, which manufacture products that use the latest technologies. For example, Dyson took three years and 182 patents to come up with a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t lose suction, and in September Samsung is coming out with a four-door convertible refrigerator that allows the user to convert compartments from fridge to freezer and back again as needed. We have selected 18 products for transforming your house into a home.

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