Fallingwater, the Hotel?

Well, not quite. A pricey new program immerses guests in Frank Lloyd Wright’s most famous residence—but stops short of letting them sleep there.

Until recently, admirers of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most iconic residence had to content themselves with a one- or two-hour-long group tour of the house–or, perhaps, if they were feeling spendy, a$100 ticket for Sunday brunch or sunset hors d’oeuvres. But architecture buffs with loose pockets can now go several steps further, thanks to Fallingwater’s new Insight Onsite program. Limited to eight people per session, the three-day seminars allow participants to explore Wright’s house at their own pace, quaff cocktails by the fireplace, and dine with curators on the world’s most famous cantilevered terrace (weather permitting). But the organizers stop short of letting people sleep in Fallingwater–guests are put up, instead, at a newer, four-bedroom house on the property (according to Reuters, it was built for the owners’ accountant). The price tag? $1,195 to $1,595 per person, depending on whether you share a bedroom or not. If that’s a little rich for your taste (or your bank account), may I recommend a similarly immersive, but vastly less expensive, Fallingwater experience? 


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