Gearing Up

Giant’s new bike for the comfort-minded urbanite comes fully loaded.

City-dwelling bicyclists typically choose between two types of rides: the high-traction mountain bike (dependable but better for navigating dirt paths than concrete roads) and its skinny-wheeled cousin, the ten-speed racer (which, though nimble, requires a slumped riding posture unsuited to the morning commute). But with cycling gaining popularity in the United States, companies are increasingly rolling out a third option—the city bike, built primarily with style and ease of use in mind. Giant’s neo-retro Suede Coasting DX model, for instance, allows the rider to peddle in an ergonomic upright position on a wide padded seat while the bike automatically switches among three gears. “We focused on the creature comforts of this bike,” Ted Renwick, an industrial designer at Giant, says, “since nobody’s going to race with it.” In keeping with this amenity-friendly philosophy, the DX sports two bags for toting essentials and nonessentials alike. We caught up with Renwick and his collaborator Dean Bradley to detail the bike’s key features…
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