Get To Know Me @ Archiprix – Boba Stanic

A Q&A with an international competition participant

This international event seemed to be an opportune time to ask architectural students from around the world a few questions.

Name/Age: Boba Stanic/33

School/Location: Academy of Architecture Arnhem, Holland

Course of Study: MA of Architecture

Project Name: The Lotus Project*

Define your project in 15 (or so) words: An academic, but applicable, answer for dwellings that are movable or permanent for an exodus of of people**

Architectural/Design influences: Humor, intelligence, and design with personal involvement

Dream job: Own office with a good, humorous, international team

Favorite part of Montevideo: The people

Most useful phrase/word you’ve learned on the tour: I’m inventing my own language

Favorite music to listen to while you work: Lately 2 Many Djs

Item you can’t live without: Computer

Other than your own, what’s your favorite project at this year’s Archiprix?: A Market for Tallinn by Maja Turg (Netherlands)

* More information on Boba’s project can be found on

**Boba, who is from Kosovo, worked with gypsies from Kosovo and Serbia on this project

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