Google Yourself Green

A new online tool may help decrease energy usage in the home

Oh, Google. They never cease to amaze. Back in June 2006 we fell in love with their Clive Wilkinson -designed Googleplex. Having brought our audience into their home, Google will now be infiltrating yours. And that’s a good thing!
This past Monday the online media giant announced the Google PowerMeter, a new gadget that will help home owners track their electricity usage, in real time, on their computer desktops. But don’t jump to your iGoogle homepage just yet—they are currently testing out prototypes with fellow Googlers (see some initial response here).

(Image from Google)

Remember that in the foreseeable you’ll only be able to use this new tool if your home is smart meter ready. And sadly, these meters are not found in the average homestead. So, even more kudos should go to the workers at Googleplex, who try to reduce their own carbon footprint, for their work with the national and state government to make the Smart Grid System more of a reality.

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