Hide and Grain

Designers turn to traditional wood and leather crafting to create simple, timeless objects.

We’re headed for an anti-plastic world—at least, that is what some designers in the United States would like, if their recent work is any indication. Drawing upon craft techniques and imbued with a spartan simplicity, the latest crop of handcrafted furniture favors the combination of regionally sourced wood and soft, supple leathers—both materials that have historically been important to American artisanship. For the Hudson Valley–based woodworker and designer Jason Roskey, the current resurgence of craft is a natural move away from the overdesigned products of the past two decades. “Whether it’s in visual art, woodworking, or any other medium, artists and designers are choosing more and more to make their own products, as opposed to having work fabricated,” Roskey says. “Being a woodworker, I’m interested in making things that are appealing because of the material, without forgetting that the form dictates good design in the end.” Here are some beautiful new designs in wood and leather that should stand the test of time.

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