Take a break and play with us.

Congratulations to Terry Wahl, you are the winner of last week‘s 3form LetsPLAY.

Your play with light and space was brilliant, and your 4×4 sheet of Reclaimed Birch Grove is on the way. Be sure to snap a shot of the project when you’re done–we’d love to see it.

For those of you who missed it, here’s the winning answer:
I would thin-frame (maybe brushed metal; maybe lucite rod) the sheet and mount it into a base containing indirect or hidden LED lighting. It would stand away from an empty wall and the base-lighting would project the branches on the wall in an upward oblique angle that would cast large shadows from the branches. In the daylight it would stand alone as a layered element against the wall. At night it would be a light source and expand (in light and shadows) against the wall.

Check back next week for another 3form LetsPLAY challenge, and another prize!

*Winner chosen by 3form and its affiliates

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