Live@ICFF, Editor’s Pick: Michael Hurwitz

The Philadelphia designer’s handcrafted furniture is sustainable and affordable.

I’m a lover of obsolete technology. To give you an idea, I like the scratchy sound of 78s played on my wind-up phonograph, and I covet every megalethoscope that makes an appearance on Antiques Roadshow. So you generally won’t find me mooning over the latest injection-molded, CNC-milled, or parametric-modeled design. Michael Hurwitz’s booth, therefore, was a breath of fresh air at this year’s ICFF. Based out of a small woodworking studio in Philadelphia, he handcrafts stunning one-of-a-kind pieces but recently collaborated with a friend in Japan to produce the more affordable Marina Line using sustainable materials. My favorite is the five-legged Plum Blossom barstool made of local Pennsylvania cherry. “In Japan they’re crazy about cherry blossoms, but in a pinch, a plum blossom will substitute,” Hurwitz says, referring to the petal-shaped seat, which comes upholstered in 100% recycled Maharam textiles. You can see the rest of his work at

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