Office Assets

Our guide to a responsive, hospitable, and tech-savvy workplace

Flexibility, comfort, and the fluid integration of technology are fundamental aspects of good office design, and this month’s selection of products features a series of exceptional tools for accommodating these needs in work spaces. Vecta has released a line of stackable chairs with options such as cup holders and writing tablets that increase their all-around versatility; Teknion’s new Metrix task chair combines ergonomics, adjustability, and re-cyclability in a great-looking shell. Häfele’s award-winning flat-panel-monitor support sys­tem allows the screen to be manipulated with the touch of a fingertip, while KI’s height-adjustable Genesis Desking System gives users the choice of sitting or standing comfortably at their workstations. There are also some new electronic tools hitting the market, such as PolyVision’s Thunder virtual flip chart and the RoomWizard room-scheduling interface, which seamlessly integrate technology into the workplace. We’ve arranged the products in a pie chart of qualities for emphasis, but the best designs, of course, don’t choose between them.

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