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A three-dimensional trellis adds another type of green to buildings.

Greenscreen’s modular trellising system literally brings a new dimension to building facades and landscape architecture. Because the wires are arranged in a three-inch-deep 3-D grid rather than flat, as are typical alternatives, a wider variety of plants can thrive in a largely vertical environment.

“Vines can be allowed to curl in multiple directions, which means better coverage,” says John Souza of Greenscreen. This high level of coverage makes the system an ideal environmental solution for regulating building temperature by creating shade or filtering the sunlight that hits a facade. Greenscreen has also been very effective in controlling graffiti in urban areas.

The three-dimensionality of the panels gives them an inherent structural rigidity, allowing them to be used as freestanding pieces. “If you use chain link for a trellis system, for instance, you need a lot of support to stretch it out and hold it in place,” Souza explains. “The Green-screen panels are stiff enough to span wide distances with minimal added support. It’s a great deal easier to work with.”

Removing the need for lots of skeletal add-ons also ensures a clean look to the panels and emphasizes the wire structure as a visual element—especially beneficial in new projects where the plants have yet to fill in. And because it looks good even without foliage, the Green-screen works particularly well with seasonal vines, which allow buildings to maximize shade in the summertime and sunlight during the colder winter months.


Greenscreen Trellis System

Galvanized recycled steel wires are arranged in a three-dimensional grid then welded at the joints and treated with a baked-on powder coating for color.

The system can be used in both commercial and residential projects to clad buildings or as freestanding installations in the place of fences and privacy walls. Some trellis options are available for small-scale residential projects.

The panels are resistant to rust as well as high winds and severe weather conditions. They are highly customizable and are available in widths and lengths of 4 to 14 feet at 2-inch increments, with green, black, silver, or white finishes.

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