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Liverpool’s Metropolitan Cathedral creates Le Corbusier-mania
(Creative Commons/Chowells)

Welcome to the weekly PLAYlist from 3form. Today we go to the West Coast to examine post-earthquake architecture in San Francisco and light rail stations in Seattle, look into a lawsuit in Oklahoma, and then we settle down with the top five U.S. interior designers (according to the Examiner).

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Le Corbusier – The Art of Architecture opens at the Crypt of the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral

Zahid Sardar of the San Francisco Chronicle covers built and unbuilt architecture

The best of San Francisco post-quake architecture

Seattle’s light rail stations are on the right track

Interior designers sue Oklahoma over regulations

Top five interior designers in the history of the United States according to Examiner (We beg to differ!)

Will EDesign replace the need to hire a decorator?

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