Scene at the ICFF designboom Mart.

Boaz Kahn with his “Fragile” salt and pepper shakers. is a fantastic resource for the latest news in design and architecture from around the globe and this year they brought their curatorial eye to the ICFF. Editors of the Web site invited up-and-coming designers to participate in their designboom Mart. Each designer got to bring a selection of their latest products, which they could sell on site to cover their travel expenses.

Ceramics made a strong showing, with several designers displaying salt and pepper shakers. Husband and wife team Mey and Boaz Kahn created “Fragile,” an all-in-one salt and pepper container that you must break in half to use. The Jerusalem-based couple wanted to respond to Greece outlawing the tradition of breaking plates. “We want to give you an opportunity to express yourself,” they wrote about the project. “In an exciting act of breaking, you complete the design and create your own piece.”


Daniel Jo of Korea crafted his salt and pepper shakers like clouds, which would serve as a nice backdrop to his bird-shaped candle holder.


Daniel Jo


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