Sew Cool

Readers react enthusiastically to Itay Potash’s Flat Mode sewing machine prototype [“Sew Slim”].

Very cool! Hope to see it on the market soon.

Tom Gese


That machine looks very cool and would be handy for quick fixes. However, I take issue with the first sentence in the article. I sew for hours on end and know of several others that do the same.

Geri Royer


Wow! I want one!


I am very interested in hearing more about the Flat Mode sewing machine. I can think of lots of uses for it. What type of power does it take? And what weight of fabric will it sew?

Cathy Blancett



Kaaren Begg


I have such a small amount of room, this machine would fit my needs just fine. Is it priced out of reach?

Zelma Orr


Totally inspired! It opens up a plethora of portable equipment possibilities.

Let me know when the machine is commercially available.

Barry Turner


Fantastic. My short little legs demand that everything I buy must be shortened, which costs money. My 35-year-old machine breaks every time I use it, so it takes me hours to do a simple hem. I can’t sew anyway — but I can program as long as there aren’t too many buttons. Four buttons I could handle.

Mary Anna Babcock

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