Sharing Dreams

A patented technology is the key to the OZ sofa bed’s effortless transformation.

26.38 inches

72.00 inches

81.13 inches

Nicola Gallizia, who designed OZ, a sofa for Molteni&C that easily unfolds into a bed, is something of a romantic. “OZ stems from the desire to create a special hideaway where you can pamper yourself,” he says. “It provides a place between reality and dreams. It is something that helps us enjoy the delight of idleness.”

In keeping with this feeling, Galliza wanted to create a sofa bed whose transformation felt nearly magical. “The passage from one function to the other should be a sort of conjurer’s trick,” he explains. Yet, for all the ethereal references he makes, it is technology that is the key to his design. “Turning the sofa into a versatile object that could change just by shaking your fingers required a complex technical study,” he says. The extensive research eventually resulted in a patented servo-based mechanism that is centrally located on the base toward the front of the sofa. A slight pull of the release handle extracts the base and folds the armrests under the frame. The ease of conversion is a reflection of the informal and relaxed home that Gallizia sees the OZ sofa occupying—“a home to live in and to share.”

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