Sliver of Light

CeeLite’s flat, flexible surface illumination is changing the profile of lighting.

Picture a paper-thin light source that wraps around a column, or a featherweight jogging vest that glows at night. CeeLite allows companies to bring that picture to life with its light-emitting capacitor (LEC) technology, which places Sylvania phosphors between electrodes and encases them in flexible materials such as Mylar or in glass. The resulting panels are powered by AC or DC currents, and the voltage excites the phosphors, causing them to emit light. “Because it’s so flat, you could apply it to anything,” CeeLite CEO Malcolm Hayward explains. “It’s great on floors, and you can walk on it. You just have to give it some layer of protection.”

The product is becoming popular in the trade-show industry, where exhibitors use it to create eye-catching environmental graphics for their booths. Gone are heavy-duty construction and light boxes, and the product doesn’t break when you ship it. CeeLite currently custom sizes panels up to 3 by 6 feet and expects to offer 4-by-8-foot panels later this year. Hayward’s dream is “lighted drywall,” and he plans to commercialize light-emitting wallpaper within the next year and a half. He predicts that in the next two to five years, interior designers will be incorporating it into everything from vases and furniture to floors and closets. “I think the paradigm will shift from the fluorescents used today to much more subtle lighting—for example, desks will be lit with it,” he says.


CeeLite’s LEC Technology

CeeLite’s LEC-based panels are composed of Sylvania phosphors sandwiched between electrodes and then encased in glass or printable polymers such as Mylar.

Lighting for indoor and outdoor use. Screens for space division; architectural or decorative wall treatments; curtains and theatrical backdrops; signage, trade-show exhibits, photography, and flooring; identification for emergency vehicles. Can be incorporated into furniture and clothing.

Flat, flexible, uniform lighting; low heat generation and power consumption; doesn’t cause glare; printable and lightweight; available in sheets up to 3 by 6 feet; can be powered with low-voltage batteries; impact- and shock-resistant and durable. Can be programmed to dim, fade, and flash.

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