Suite Dreams

Step into our ideal hotel room.

Business travel can be a real bear. With flights routinely overbooked, post-9/11 security hassles, and weather delays, the urge to stay home is greater than ever. When you finally arrive at your destination, a badly designed hotel room with tiny spaces, micro-thin walls, and misplaced electrical outlets can turn what is supposed to be a place for repose into another source of anxiety. So when we brainstormed what would make for a successful hotel, a central location, great food, personalized service, and—here’s where we can help—good decor topped the list. Our own dream suite, combines features such as a plush Design Mobel bed, a colorful Dune sideboard, and Tivoli Audio’s iYiYi stereo system, which connects your iPod with a Kohler WaterTile and DTV shower. A room outfitted with the ­following products could make your stay as comfortable as never leaving home.

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