The Discriminating Desk Jockey

For designers at work, only the best will do.

Designers can be a picky bunch, choosing only the sharpest Alain Mikli glasses, the latest 3G iPhone, and the obligatory black Prada uniform (still!). So when it comes to their offices—given the long hours they spend in them—many design professionals insist on tools that not only match their unimpeachable taste but also function efficiently and effortlessly for a multitude of tasks. Steelcase’s media:scape system, for example, merges furniture with media capabilities, improving collaboration in a space where workers can be productive and comfortable. And IdeaPaint will transform any smooth surface into a dry-erase board, making the nearest wall a giant sketch pad for your brilliant off-the-cuff ideas. We’ve highlighted 11 common habits of designers—everything from daydreaming and sketching to traveling and taking meetings—alongside innovative office solutions that should satisfy even the most demanding aesthete.

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