The Next Wave Alberto Lualdi | Lualdi

“Our challenge is to show how a door can be an element of added value.”

In every house or apartment, there are at least four or five doors. Yet it’s a surface that is often ignored. Our challenge has been to show how a door can be an element of added value, almost like a painting. The Italian market is already open to products that enhance the home. I’m always astonished that the doors in so many American homes are so unfinished, even in homes on Fifth Avenue. But we’re not selling Ferraris. We’re selling doors. So it’s important, then, that we stay flexible, especially in our design. Tastes aren’t the same all over. What we do best is transposing high-end research into products that everyone can use. It’s as if we were designing doors for a Formula One race car and then making them available for people who own simple sedans and hatchbacks.

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