Tooting Our Own Horn

We couldn’t resist mentioning two recent awards bestowed on Metropolis.

With all the activity at Metropolis in the last few months–our special product issue, the 2009 Next Generation competition, New York Design Week–we’ve barely had a chance to publicize a couple of recent awards bestowed on the magazine. So please forgive us this brief moment of self-congratulation: in March, Metropolis was named the architecture magazine of the year at the International Design Awards; and, at the American Institute of Architects Convention earlier this month, the AIA handed us a Collaborative Achievement Award. We can’t resist quoting from the latter citation:
Reaching a broad cross-section of design disciplines, touching all elements of design excellence, it speaks to elemental and contextual innovation, including, but not limited to, ecological insight, livability, and community development; in short, the spectrum of all goals of the architectural profession.
We couldn’t have put it better ourselves! And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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