Travel Transformers

Multitasking urbanites will welcome Dror Benshetrit’s new bag designs for Tumi.


All too often, city living means schlepping. An average weekday may require gym gear, work papers, leftovers for lunch, a book for the subway. Especially for those urbanites without a car to stash their goods in, a multifunctional and at least mildly stylish bag becomes a necessity. As a New York City resident and a frequent traveler, the designer Dror Benshetrit understands this challenge. “Living in urban areas and going from one type of function to a completely different one often makes us uncomfortable,” he says. Benshetrit’s new luggage collection for Tumi should appeal equally to international jet-setters and overburdened commuters. Nearly every one of the 11 pieces transforms in some way. A backpack converts into a tote bag; a briefcase can be turned inside out to become a slim portfolio; and a carry-on suitcase expands to offer three possible sizes. “I wanted to make bags that are smaller than usual but are then able to go to a large and comfortable size,” Benshetrit says. Here, he unpacks the thinking behind Dror for Tumi, which will launch at the Milan Furniture Fair next month.

Click the images to read Benshetrit’s comments on his design.

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