Vote Design!

Design and politics merge in this collection of Web sites

From David Ottogalli’s Real Peeps Vote

Consider this our political public-service announcement: today is the big day! Get out there and vote—then come back to the office and get your mind off the election with some Web sites that are at the convergence of design and democracy.

This post is a palate cleanser—an attempt to bring some design into what will no doubt be a long day of watching the numbers (and this time it’s not the NASDAQ or your local gas pump).

An online gallery of two dozen posters encouraging citizens to vote

30 Reasons
Thirty graphic designers present thirty reasons to vote for Barak Obama.

Patchwork Nation Map
The Christian Science Monitor identified 11 voter communities (Tractor Country, Boom Towns, Emptying Nests, etc.) from 3,142 counties in the United States.

The Polling Place Photo Project
Upload a photo of where you voted or browse the ever-growing collection.

The Gap
Listen to why Cameron Sinclair (or Perez Hilton, if he’s more your style) thinks you should vote. You can also pick virtual pins to add to your Facebook page (if, of course, that’s your style.)

Political finger puppets
Get some office mates together and hold a puppet-show throw-down, or save them for tonight’s election party.

Master Peep-er David Ottogalli makes voting a sweet ordeal.

USA political election logos 2008 – 1960
Red, white, and blue abounds in this historical look at bids for the presidency.

Kids Vote 2008
Find out what the kids have to say this election season.

OURS: Democracy in the Age of Branding

This exhibition at Parsons the New School for Design is an interdisciplinary investigation of democracy as a consumer brand.

The Election Show
If you’re in the vicinity of Illinois State University, stop in to see work submitted by local artists.

Storefront for Art and Architecture
You can join fellow New Yorkers here as the results come in. You can also check out the gallery’s exhibition White House Redux: 150 Ideas for a New White House.

From the Metropolis archives:
“POTUS Typographicus”
Politics aside, George W’s typographic legacy is truly appalling.

“Ballot Initiative”
The AIGA’s efforts to improve the way we vote are finally gaining some political traction.

From the POV archive:
“Food-Court Democracy”

“Politics with a Side of Bacon”

(see also “Donuts and Bacon: Taste we can Believe in“)

One issue we can all get behindfree stuff!


Ben and Jerry’s

Krispy Kreme

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
The San Francisco organization is hosting an election party with music, art, and pizza.

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