Your Memories, Please

A Miami preservation organization wants your personal stories of the city’s endangered Marine Stadium.

They’re not asking for your money or your time to attend public meetings. What the friends of Miami’s Marine Stadium are asking for now is your memories. If you’ve attended boat races, Jimmy Buffet concerts, or went there to leave your graffiti tags and smoke pot, you probably have some pretty interesting things to remember about this great and long-neglected structure in Biscayne Bay. Just a quick look at its powerful concrete cantilever roof will give you an idea of the building’s architectural significance. Designed in 1963 by Hilario Candela, then a 28-year old Cuban refugee, the Marine Stadium has had a storied life, marking some important moments in local lore. For instance, at the height of the Cold War it was designated a fall-out shelter the year it was built. Condemned after Hurricane Andrew hit Florida in 1992, now it’s become a building to fight for! Florida needs to embrace its exceptional Modernist history and your own snippet of history will help weave a communal memory of this particular place and time. Click here to submit your memories.

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