ASID Announces Exciting Programs, Broadens Mission

American Society of Interior Designers develops exciting programs to demonstrate the positive impact of design

We work hard to advance the interior design profession, as well as the success of our members, at the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). To this end, we provide professional development and educational resources, as well as leadership opportunities. For many of our members, building networks is key. And as the design industry evolves, so does our commitment to meet the changing needs and values of our professional members.

During my first year at ASID, while conversing with our members and industry leaders, I heard a recurring theme—the beneficial role of interior design in our living and working environments. These discussions ranged from the work being done to design livable homes for veterans, to creating warm environments in children’s hospitals, and using design to aid an aging population and those with learning disabilities. As I hear more and more about the many inspiring projects our members are working on, it’s becoming clear that we, at ASID, need to create ways to recognize, foster, and communicate these myriad ways that design is improving lives and communities. We’re starting to do this by adopting the goal of “advancing and communicating the impact of interior design in enhancing the human experience; ” as one of the pillars of our strategic plan—the roadmap that steers our mission.

From this, several exciting programs have developed, such as our partnership with The 1% program, an effort that connects design firms with nonprofit organizations in need of design assistance and asks designers to commit one percent of their time to pro bono service. Our partnership with The 1% program will provide our members the resources, opportunities, and support that demonstrate the value of design. We know, for instance, that our members already contribute $9 million in pro bono services annually. Through The 1% program, the possibilities for creating positive impact through design are limitless. In sharing our knowledge, skills, and creative talents with others, we hope this program will help demonstrate the positive impact of design.

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Throughout 2013 you will be able to read more about these inspiring projects in ASID ICON magazine and ICON Online. Another key step we’ve taken this year is to start integrating the important work of the ASID Foundation with the ASID mission. In 2013, the Foundation plans to award $48,000 in scholarships for both ASID members and nonmembers to support interior design research, education, and scholarships. In addition to these efforts the Foundation has focused on expanding its research agenda, including a newly published whitepaper on evidence-based design for residential environments.

This is just the beginning. Our goal of sharing the many ways that interior design can impact the way we live is well defined. I look forward to reporting, periodically, more about our progress over the course of the coming year.

Randy W. Fiser is EVP/CEO American Society of Interior Designers headquartered in Washington DC.

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