Metropolis’s Best of 2018: 7 Lightning Rods and Controversies

2018 was a watershed year for architecture in terms of equity, but there were other controversial moments that stood out too.

best 2018 metropolis magazine controversies
Carol Ross Barney’s new McDonald’s in Downtown Chicago. Courtesy McDonald’s

As 2018 concludes, we’re revisiting this year’s top stories: from products to drawings, buildings, interiors, and more. Enjoy the selection below, but be sure to find our other “Best of 2018” lists as they come online!

2018 proved to be a watershed year for architecture and design. After coming face-to-face with its own #MeToo reckoning, the profession has had to seriously reevaluate its relationship with power and equity. We capped off the year in our latest Metropolis Magazine issue with a powerful op-ed from our contributor Mimi Zeiger reflecting on this moment and what—if anything—will affect positive change in years to come. Architecture has long had a complicated relationship to power, as Mark Lamster recently demonstrated this year in his riveting biography of Philip Johnson. Thankfully, 2018 had its share of some lighthearted news items, like the lone raccoon who captivated the world as it climbed a SOM-designed tower in the Twin Cities. Check out the other moments from the past year that stood out below.

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