New Andreu World Collection Reflects the Evolving Nature of Office Furniture

Designed by Alfredo Häberli, the In Out collection is mobile, customizable, and manufactured with a 100% commitment to the circular economy.

Humans throughout the world have always had some level of flexibility in how and where they work, though most people opted for an office with a stationary desk. The pandemic blew up that model. Today, the concept of office and work is shifting.

Recognizing the evolving nature of office (and remote) work, Andreu World and Swiss Argentinian product designer Alfredo Häberli have introduced a new mobile furniture system that the company says promotes productivity and is an innovative vision for hybrid uses in work and private spaces.

“The In Out Collection is a response to the evolving vision of workspaces over the years, ranging from open spaces to office lounges,” Häberli explains. “These designs are currently temporary, adaptable, and born out of necessity. The future of office design will depend on questions such as the establishment of home offices, recognition of their advantages and disadvantages, and whether work will be organized in distributed groups over days or weeks.”

Alfredo Häberli recently joined Andreu World to celebrate his ongoing collaboration with the brand in the manufacturer’s Los Angeles and San Francisco showrooms.

Andreu World says the In Out Office meets the need for healthy, welcoming and flexible workspaces. As such, the collection features armchairs with a side table surrounded by an upholstered panel in two heights.

The chair backrest allows for an ergonomic and focused posture, while the upholstery offers acoustic absorption. As an added benefit, the pieces are fitted with wheels for mobility and customization. Available options include oak wood, melamine, power sockets, USB charging ports, and fabrics from the brand’s Circular One Textiles, which are made from 100% recycled PET bottles and textile waste.

The furniture system comprises chairs and tables, with each module equipped with wheels for mobility and customization.

Häberli says the company is particularly focussed on the environment, so the pieces are developed and manufactured with a commitment to the circular economy. “Sustainability is a key aspect of the collection,” Häberli says. “The materials chosen, such as wood for construction and fabric-covered foam for padding, align with the principles of transparency, honesty, and timeless design.”

Jesús Llinares, CEO of Andreu World, says the collection is a revolutionary concept because it embodies “Smart Work” for an ever-changing work environment. It also considers what’s next in this evolution. “The future offices are envisioned to be crucial but with enhanced flexibility and adaptability,” Llinares says. “Workplaces must be sustainable, safe, and flexible, with employees adapting to unconventional working hours and remote work. Design is seen as playing a crucial role in building a more balanced and healthy society.”

Featuring acoustic reduction solutions for privacy and soundproofing, the mobile system can be configured for both individual and collaborative use.

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