Shine On: Chemetal Releases Metallic Surfaces Collection

Versatile, sustainable, and resilient, the Glowing Metals collection from Chemetal is a material all-rounder.

Chemetal Glowing Metals collection
Courtesy Chemetal

In 2016, the surfaces company Chemetal doubled the size of its Easthampton, Massachusetts, headquarters and plant to over 64,000 square feet. That gave it the size and capabilities for its biggest release ever last year—the 36-design Glowing Metals collection. “We could dedicate a room to running brass and copper,” explains Chemetal’s creative director and president, Geoff Schaefer. “There’s four new brass and copper designs in the collection.”

But the bulk of the collection, which encompasses a range of warm colors, reflective finishes, aged looks, and embossed textures, is made of aluminum. “Aluminum, brass, and copper are softer metals and could be cut with woodworking equipment,” Schaefer says. “You can specify them and you don’t necessarily have to have a metalworker involved.”

Aluminum in particular presents several key advantages. For one, it is fully recyclable, so the anodized aluminum designs in the collection are made of 75 percent recycled material and contribute to LEED ratings. Further, the metal is relatively lightweight and easy to work with. And anodization gives it a surface that is naturally resistant to corrosion. “You can add consistency to that process and also add color, so you can make aluminum look like brass or copper or bronze or whatever,” Schaefer explains. “So it’s a relatively easy and affordable way to use metal in an interior-design project.”

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