DIY Decals

Blik and Bruce Mau Design help you create your own eco-friendly wall coverings.


Bruce Mau Design

Blik’s wall graphics use a multi-polymer film with no PVC or phthalates. The film has no top coating, which further minimizes its environmental impact.

The material is very receptive to ink, holds color, and can be easily die-cut, so the forms and hues that users create online can be reproduced exactly.

Blik’s graphics are a great alternative to other wall coverings, and BMD’s online DIY tool makes them ideal for quickly transforming an interior.

Paint or wallpaper—we might no longer have to make the choice. Ten years ago, Scott Flora and Jerinne Neils asked themselves which type of wall treatment they liked better, and came to a conclusion—neither. It was that realization which inspired the creation of Blik, the world’s first removable wall graphic company.

It took a while to settle on the material for Blik’s line of self-adhesive graphics. “We considered using a number of eco-friendly materials but none functioned properly in terms of die-cutting and application to a wall, or produced the rich color we needed,” Flora says. They finally created a proprietary multi-polymer alternative to traditional PVC film. “It is very receptive to inks so it both maintains the vibrant colors of the graphic forms and is sustainable, with no PVC or phthalates,” he says.

Recently, Blik joined together with Bruce Mau Design (BMD) to help customers tap into their inner interior designer. Users can create their own decals online with an easy-to-use tool ( Those who have not yet discovered the artist within can choose a finished design from BMD’s designers. The printing process and the packaging have also been streamlined, so as far as sustainability goes, this choice should be a no-brainer.

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