Foodies Have Found the Perfect Dinnerware in “Artesano”

Christian Haas’s delicate tableware is designed to stand up to everyday use.

“I was inspired by archaic tools and man-made objects that have a simple but eye-catching beauty,” says the designer Christian Haas on his new dinnerware for Villeroy & Boch.

The irony of beautiful tableware used to be that “good china” was brought out for holiday celebrations and intimate anniversary dinners, but otherwise remained tucked away, safe from potential ruin. In today’s foodie culture, however, at-home chefs are creating elaborate dishes on a daily basis, where even a casual weeknight dinner is worthy of a well-designed display. Christian Haas’s Artesano line for Villeroy & Boch encapsulates this idea of practical—yet sophisticated—dinnerware.

“My aim was to create an authentic and honest collection,” Haas says. “Easygoing and suitable for everyday eating—a series that my friends and I would use.” Finding his inspiration in the handmade, Haas incorporated acacia wood, cork, and slate in the designs, creating a contemporary artisanal look that distinguishes it from other porcelain tableware. Here, Haas discusses the development of this series that encourages family and friends to linger long after the meal is finished.

Christian Haas (b. 1974) studied industrial design in Munich before starting his career at the crystal manufacturer Nachtmann, winning the Design Plus award for his Amalfi collection in 2006. His work includes tableware, interiors, lighting, furniture, accessories, and sketchbooks. In 2011, he launched his own label in Paris.

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