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Framery’s Smart Pods Prioritize Sustainability and Employee Wellness

Discover the Finnish brand’s latest innovation, the Smart Office Pod Collection.

Framery, the pioneering Finnish brand renowned for its soundproof pods, introduces its latest innovation: the Smart Office Pod Collection. Crafted with sustainability in mind, this collection features components made from certified wood, recycled steel,  aluminum, glass, and fabric incorporating 80 percent recycled plastics.

Upholding its distinctive design DNA characterized by soft-rounded edges, Framery introduces a line of four models tailored to accommodate one, four, or six persons. Thanks to a modular design that enhances durability, these built-to-last pods are easily disassembled, refurbished if necessary, and reassembled at new locations.

To reduce material usage, Framery has replaced plywood with recycled sheet metal for the pod walls. Sheet metal’s malleability makes it well-suited for mass-producing parts. It generates less waste than wood and as a result the new collection features a 23 percent weight reduction compared to previous designs.

The integrated digital features of the smart pods facilitate employees in locating and reserving available workspaces as required. Collecting anonymous occupancy data, empowers businesses to monitor employee facility usage and optimize arrangements for efficiency.

“People require spaces where they can concentrate or collaborate without impeding others’ ability to focus on their work,” says Framery CEO Samu Hällfors, emphasizing the enduring significance of office pods in the evolving workplace landscape. “I believe companies and architects will face increased pressure to delve deeper into understanding human demands and the needs of people within office spaces.”

Moving forward, one of Hällfors’ challenges will revolve around achieving the strategic goal of an additional 50 percent reduction in emissions, particularly given the significant strides Framery has already made in sustainability.

The firm achieved an impressive production material efficiency rate of 94.9 percent as early as 2022. All pods are manufactured in Tampere, Finland, where 100 percent renewable electricity is utilized. Additionally, the factory logistics are powered by biogas and renewable diesel, further diminishing environmental impact across the production process.

However, Framery could benefit from a significant shift Finland’s steel industry is working on. The steel industry is the largest contributor to carbon dioxide emissions in Finland, constituting approximately 7 percent of the nation’s total emissions. Transitioning to carbon-neutral steel production will be pivotal for Finland to achieve carbon neutrality by 2035.

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