Green Gastronomy

Plants and natural materials breathe life back into the modern kitchen.

Let’s face it, microwave dinners will never go away. But our eating habits are improving—Americans spent more than $30 billion on organic foods in 2011, and they are hungry for more. Farmers’ markets trump the frozen foods aisle, and home cooks are reaching for that fresh basil. Nature is back, from healthy foods to kitchen interiors. After a long romance with slick surfaces, designers and manufacturers are targeting a generation fascinated by the farm-to-table concept. “We began working with wood in 2008 with the introduction of antique pine,” says Robert Gavazzi, the CEO of Boffi. “The touch and the texture, especially in wood, is something that customers enjoy very much. Our durable wood door fronts are treated with natural oil, and will only become better over time.” Here are some well-designed ways to add the organic touch to your kitchen.

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