These 4 Outdoor Lights are Dark Skies Friendly

Outdoor lights that have a seal of approval from the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) are sensitive to their impact on humans and other forms of life.

Glare, sky glow, light trespass: There are many ways to describe the negative impact of harsh, blue outdoor lighting. The current clutter adversely affects upwards of 80 percent of the world’s population and disrupts wildlife ecosystems. In the United States and Europe, 99 percent of the public can’t experience a natural night. For humans, this disrupts our circadian rhythms and increases risk of sleep disorders, depression, and heart disease. The impact on other species, like birds, can be devastating—causing them to migrate too early or too late and miss ideal climate conditions for nesting, foraging, and other behaviors.

But there are innovative solutions to preserve a healthy dark sky. METROPOLIS rounded up some that have earned the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) seal of approval.

This IDA-approved street lamp prides itself on having a quiet profile that works against a variety of architectural backdrops, from classical to contemporary styles. Torres is a collection of compact tenon-mounted LED luminaires that can be installed on existing poles in five configurations to accommodate site specifics.

A hexagonal outdoor wall sconce light

Available in two sizes, Estella’s hexagonal design adds warmer illumination in residential settings. The aluminum-housed LED is dimmable and Title 24–compliant for energy efficiency and dark sky conditions.

A ribbed metal outdoor wall sconce

This wall sconce meets dark sky standards because it can use a warm 3000K LED bulb and is shaded to emit no light above. The Tempe’s metal canopy and backplate are available in two muted colors and two lengths.

A lamp post with LED lights

OptiForm is a family of area lights with 11 optical distributions that can be modified to illuminate specific spaces but shield others to minimize light pollution. The fixtures, offered by Signify company Gardco, are available in three sizes, all IDA-approved.

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