Deliberate Progress: Teknion’s Products Curb Textile Waste

Teknion advances sustainability at both the individual and corporate level, finding the opportunities and choosing the right initiatives to not just to expand the narrative, but also the reality of sustainability

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Teknion was a sponsor of the Metropolis Perspective: Sustainability 2019 event series. 


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Keeping Furniture From the Landfill

Teknion’s Divert program was established to help achieve our customers’ zero-waste goals by providing them with the option to sell, donate, or recycle decommissioned furniture. Divert accepts any size project and will take furniture and other assets from any manufacturer, even if the customer is not buying Teknion moving forward. To date we have diverted over 2,000 tons of waste, reducing CO2 emissions by over 4,000 tons.

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WELL Certification

We have extended our approach to sustainability, going beyond reducing the environmental impact of the built environment, to also considering how that built environment can be a tool for improving our health and wellness. We were the first manufacturer in the world to be WELL Certified under WELL v1 for our Toronto Collaboration Hub in 2017. This certification is a demonstration of our commitment to creating healthier spaces for our employees and customers. We now have five showrooms certified across North America.

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Tilt Shift

Textile waste has risen dramatically around the world in step with the growth of clothing production and consumption, so it’s more important than ever to find ways to keep it out of the landfill. Tilt Shift, part of our Luum textile collection, first launched in 2016, up-cycles post-industrial and post-consumer cotton that comes from apparel waste. Collected clothing and textile scraps are carefully sorted by color, shredded, and spun into yarn that can be used for new textiles. Tilt Shift’s linear design and use of recycled cotton helps us work alongside our customers to shift our value system toward greater sustainability.

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