portrait of Fauzia Khanani

Fauzia Khanani Selects Good Design that Does Good, Too

Studio Fōr’s material choices and product selection are the product of its founder’s search for manufacturers that share her values. 

portrait of Fauzia Khanani


Khanani, a member of Design as Protest (a collective aimed at dismantling power structures that misuse architecture and design), founded Studio Fōr to foster a connection between good design and good stewardship among specifiers. Designers “can leverage our positions to be catalysts for change,” she says.

aim pendant light

01 Aim pendant light

“The design allows you to adjust and distribute lighting where you want it.”


meeting zone enclosure viewed from above

02 Digital Lounge Meeting Zone

“This was an alternative to building a conference room. But flexibility and the fact that the manufacturer employs women in high leadership positions also appealed to me.”


recycled yarn carpet tile in a navy blue color

03 Poured carpet tile

“The tuft is recycled yarn on a PVC-free backing. We sourced it through Shaw’s available colors, then created custom layouts to reflect the client’s brand colors.”


lounge chair in black and white

04 Zones Sled lounge chair

“We love how comfortable it is, regardless of a person’s height.”


round red ottoman

05 Qui ottoman

“It’s a fun, comfortable seat on casters, which permits usage throughout the office.”


white arc lamp

06 Zones Arc Floor Lamp

“The lamp arches over the pod’s table to be used as a task lighting.”


polka dot black acoustic panel behind some plants

07 Echopanel divider

“Rather than build a wall between the entryway and work area, we chose to specify an acoustic panel. This one is Declared, Red List–free, PET, and contains at least 60 percent post-consumer content.”


White table with black stools

 08 Zones Canteen table

“This table was intended to anchor a break/lunch area. The advertising agency client also uses it to lay out and review large boards for campaigns.”


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